BOSTON, MA – This past Tuesday, the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) dismissed the lawsuit filed by Delta Dental of Massachusetts to stop the printing of the RED BOOK “In Favor” Argument, supporting The Dental Ballot (Question 2).

The SJC decision stated that Delta Dental “cannot make the requisite showing of a likelihood of success on the merits.”

The Attorney General argued to the SJC that Delta Dental’s claims “lack legal and factual merit.” 

Below is the fact-supported RED BOOK argument that Delta Dental wants to hide:



Author: Dr. Patricia Brown DDS MPH*

A YES vote expands consumer protection laws that already exist for medical Insurance companies to dental insurance companies.

A YES vote ensures better coverage and value for patients, instead of unreasonable corporate waste.

For example, according to its own 2019 Form 990, Delta Dental (in Massachusetts alone) paid executive bonuses, commissions, and payments to affiliates of $382 million, while only paying $177 million for patient care.

A YES vote would eliminate this inequity. Similar to medical insurance, this law would require dental insurance companies to allocate at least 83% of paid premiums to patient care, or refund premiums to patients to meet this standard.

Insurance companies will try to confuse voters by saying that dental insurance premiums will increase.  This is false, because Section 2(d) of the law specifically disallows increases above the consumer price index without state approval.

Stop the corporate waste.

Vote YES for fair dental insurance.

*About  Dr. Patricia Brown DDS MPH:  As a woman of color and orthodontist with a Masters Degree in Public Health and 50 years of practice experience nearing retirement, Dr. Brown is an accomplished multi-dimensional pioneer in equality,  healthcare equity, and patient care.  Her voice on this pioneering ballot question is honest, experienced, and has nothing to gain other than consumer protection for patients.