“NO-Side Lies” Exposed

Our Opponents’ Advertising is FALSE:

They state:

According to an expert study, if question 2 passes, dental costs could go up by as much as 38%. for Massachusetts businesses and families.  That means higher costs whenever you go to the dentist, and more families who can’t afford to go to the dentist at all.”

They are referring to and misrepresenting the Milliman Research Report, 6/22

A. Disclaimers NOT revealed:

The Milliman Report qualifies its statements at least five times on page 14 as follows:

(Hover and Click on Hyperlink to see language in Report).

  1. “In performing this analysis, we relied on data and other information provided by NADP.” -National Association of Dental Plans
  2. “We have not audited or verified this data.”
  3. “If the underlying data or information is inaccurate or incomplete, the results of our analysis may likewise be inaccurate or incomplete.
  4. “It is important to note that results will differ if starting assumptions differ… (e.g. if commissions are altered in response to an increased loss ratio requirement).”
  5. “The illustrations presented in this report … are meant to demonstrate… complying with minimum loss ratio rules while maintaining a specified administrative expense structure

B. Unlikely Scenario presented:

The Milliman Report itself indicates that a premium increase is unlikely:

  • Increasing premiums in order to comply could be particularly difficult under the proposal, which allows the state insurance commissioner to disapprove rate increases above particular thresholds.”- Page 5
  • “If insurers are not permitted to adjust premiums due to the provisions in section (d) of the initiative petition, then [an increase in premiums] would not be possible.”

C. Expressly Prohibited Use:

The Milliman Research Report, 6/22 expressly prohibits using statements on TV as follows:

This is because the disclaimers must be provided.

D. Conclusion:

The current ads being run by the CPADC are mis-using the Milliman Research Report, deceive the public on the true impacts of Question 2.