YES on question 2 for
Fair Dental Insurance
on November 8TH! 

The Dental Ballot is the least controversial of all the Ballot Questions.

Proposed Law

This consumer protection law is a Value-Guarantee that would require insurers to:

  • Pay at least 83% of revenue toward patient care,
  • Or refund patients what is not spent.

"NO-Side Lies" Exposed

Waste Exposed

The logic behind the Dental Ballot is quite simple:

Right now, medical insurers are required to spend at least 88% of their revenues on patient care while dental insurers have no set minimum. This percentage protects against corporate waste and excesses, like overpaying CEO’s and other corporate officers.

For example, Delta Dental’s IRS 990 Form shows that this so called “not for profit” dental insurer spends less than 60% of premium revenue on patient care. Instead, their latest annual Form 990 shows Delta Dental shifted $383 Million dollars of corporate waste into Executive Compensations, Commissions, Payments to Affiliates, and gifts to the mother company.

This “non-profit” game has to stop. Patients should not have to fight for coverage while corporate greed and waste abounds through loopholes. 

We know that this “Greed-Stoppage” will be a David vs. Goliath battle. The insurance industry will only win this non-controversial ballot question if they can confuse voters. But banding together, we can make sure the narrative is accurate, and we can win so that insured patients do not have to fight to be healthy.

Take a moment to support the Dental Ballot Question!

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